About Digital Spaceport

Glad y'all found the store! While I want to assume you already know me from the YouTube channel, maybe from Twitter, you might not have ever heard of me before. So here is the high level overview! 

who is digital spaceport

I run a YouTube channel which talks about several topics. I cover some fairly niche things like...

Homelab setups

Huge storage setups and configurations

Hardware flashing tutorials

Hardware reviews

High performance compute (HPC)

High speed networking with 10Gb and 40Gb gear

Software like UnRAID, Proxmox, and TrueNAS

Crazy fast FLASH and SSD storage tutorials

Servers setup and uses

Server Racking and Hardware Guides

and Crypto production topics on Chia and a few others. Chia really poured the gas on the fire of hardware for me (and maybe you also)

I invite you to check out and subscribe also to the YouTube Channel if you like these topics. Thanks for checking out the store! The sale of this gear feeds me buying (and reviewing) more things in the future.

Based out of Austin, TX and being seen in every country in the world! Who would have thought it could grow into this?


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